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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Review: SV Fishing Lures

I was recently sent a small selection of lures from a company called SV Fishing Lures. First impressions were that the lures looked of high quality. They were finished with great detail and professionally packaged.

The five lures contained two different patterns: Panic and Individ and weighed between 3g and 5g. The Panic is a long, slender lure that proved to be versatile. It cast well even in the terrible gale force winds that blighted my session. Its long body means it worked well in flowing water. I paid particular attention to its action in the shallow water and I was impressed. I can see this lure being a major hit with perch, especially in more favourable conditions and water temperatures. It is available in weights to 7.5g and the range contains over 20 different colours meaning there's a lure to meet all requirements.

One of the Panic lures
The Individ has a broader body and it is this shape that imparts the aggressive waving action. The lure gives off a lot of vibration and will no doubt prove a successful lure. It is available in weights of 1g through to 13.5g and again boasts a large range of colours to choose from.

Both patterns come in sizes to 50mm and all the lures have single Vanfook SP-41MB hooks in sizes to suit the lures. The hooks were extremely sharp with the tiniest of barbs, which could easily be squeezed down if you prefer.

Both lures can be seen in action by watching the video links below. The UK partner of SV fishing Lures (Ultra Fishing UK) can be found on Facebook here while the Webpage undergoes updates  There's no doubt that I will be giving these lures another try so expect another review later in the season.


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