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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Perch: A new PB

After promising myself a good crack at big perch for some time, I have finally got round to dedicating some time to them. In October, I caught a 2lb perch which represented my biggest to date so when the opportunity to fish a stillwater arose containing fish to almost 4lb I needed no second invitation.

This carp was not what I expected
I arrived at the water's edge at around 9.30am to meet my companion for the day. The water itself was quite small and its appearance did not suggest it would contain perch of specimen proportions. The first job was to catch some live baits although this proved more difficult than hoped. Several larger roach came to the net so a move was in order. First drop in on the opposite bank saw me connected to a carp, which on number 3 elastic took a while to tame. However, once landed I did finally catch several small roach of the size required.

Worms managed to find some perch
I returned to my original spot and lip hooked a small roach on to a simple float paternoster rig with a loafer float. This was placed close to a nearside reed bed and fed regularly with maggots to keep bait fish in the area and hopefully attract some feeding perch. I also set up a worm rig to double my chances. A couple of perch under a pound fell to the worm to get me off the mark but I was still awaiting my specimen.

By mid afternoon my loafer float finally showed some indications of activity in the murky depths. The bait fish became agitated and moments later the float shot from view. A firm strike saw me connected to what was certainly a perch. It made a few bursts for the bankside vegetation but it was safely landed and rested in the net. Perch are pack hunters so it was important that another bait was in place quickly. Within minutes the float again disappeared as a fish almost pulled the rod round. Unfortunately for me, the fish dropped the bait almost as quickly and my strike met with thin air. On reflection, if I had more slack line then I might have had the chance to hook it before resistance was felt. The brief feeding spell ended with that failure. All that was remained was to weigh the fish and hope I had a new personal best. The fish looked like it could be a winner but the scales showed it to be closer than I thought. My scales showed 2lb 1oz. Too close to call. I decided to weigh the fish on my friend's scales and I was fortunate to see him also register the same weight and with it a new PB. A few photos and the fish was returned. I am already plotting my next visit when time allows as I know that a 3 pounder really is a viable target. Finally, thanks to Ben without whom I'd have never been on the venue in the first place.
My new PB at 2lb 1oz


  1. Well in Lee, I really do love catching Perch, must get out soon for a go for one or two. Congrats on your new PB and hope there's larger around.

  2. Thanks James, it has certainly whet the appetite. Shame I'm not around this weekend :(

  3. Nice one, Lee. Always good to top a PB even by an ounce. Despite fishing commercials for perch over and over I never do catch the big fish in them!

  4. The New Phil Smith has emerged!

  5. I'm too naive to understand what that means. Perhaps you can explain on the other site ;)

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