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Extension to fishing hours at BAA river venues

I have previously blogged my frustrations [here] at the Birmingham Anglers Association's reluctance to enter discussions over a potential rule change to their 'one hour after sunset' rule. I know for a fact that the club have tried to attract 'speciment hunters' to increase their membership numbers yet they are unable to offer fishing beyond dusk, which is quite frankly ridiculous.

I have had some discussions with the club secretary and have since compiled a report [click here] detailing why I think it could improve the club. I sent my report to the BAA offices for the attention of three committee members during September 2012. Despite the BAA claiming that they had not received the letter and report, I have since emailed the documents again and have been assured that the committee will be made aware of their contents. I will keep you posted!


  1. I think any problems experienced with opening the document should have been sorted.Let me know if there are any other problems.

  2. The BAA (unsurprisingly) rejected my suggestions. The full reponse can viewed by searching for my 'Same old story' post on the main page.