An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Back to the drawing board

Scary to a toddler
After returning from a week away, it was time to get back out and do some fishing. First trip was an impromptu session. I gave my 3 year old son the option of a bike ride or going fishing. Fishing was
the clear winner so off we went armed with a lure rod and a few essentials. A Pike of around 5lb resulted which gave me a right run around. My son watched from afar because of the 'sharp teeth'. It was the only fish of the session, mainly because I missed another hit but it was great fun for us both to share a bit of time together on the bankside. It turned out to be the highlight of the week.

 Wednesday saw me visit the BAA's new Stacklands stretch on the Wye. It is a cracking looking stretch but I knew I'd been in for a struggle given the very sunny weather and clear water conditions. And so it proved. Two chub at the death saved a blank but I'll definitely return and I will change my approach as a result of that first visit. A chat with the bailiff revealed a barbel or two is considered a good session so it's certainly not an easy stretch unlike some of the Wye beats you read about.
BAA's new Wye water

I finished the week off with an evening session on the Avon. It was very quiet. Very few chub taps, definitely no bites and all in all a disappointment. As dark fell I had a savage bite that pulled the rod from the rest. It screamed Barbel but the culprit was a 4lb 8oz Chub that fought rather tamely for its size.

The weekend saw the rivers rise a little after the heavy rain in Friday but another trip away saw me miss out on any advantage the new water brought so it looks like a change of venue might be on order so I can struggle in new surroundings!

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