An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Back on the barbel trail

Having found fish thin on the ground recently, especially barbel, I decided to visit the middle Severn in an attempt to change my fortunes. I arrived to my chosen venue at lunch time and decided to set up in a familiar peg albeit not one I had fished for a few years.
The Severn was back to flowing low and clear after a brief rise last weekend. My chosen peg had a deep channel that shallowed into rapids downstream. My approach was to use a cage feeder with a 3ft link baited with double 8mm pellets. From the off, my bait received interest from small fish but a positive bite failed to materialise.
A few hours passed without any major events but I had an ace up my sleeve. I had packed an avon rod and a centrepin loaded with 6lb line. A pint of maggots and some worms coupled with a deep hole to my right gave me another option: Perch! It was pleasing to see the float dip although the first two fish were small chub. However, it wasn't long before a string of Perch did succumb to the worm bait. None of the fish were huge but it was an enjoyable way to pass a few hours while the fish in mid-river failed to read the script. 
The best perch
Perch kept me occupied
I had about 10 fish and was now trying worm on my feeder rig out of desperation. This resulted in the first positive bite of  the day but the fish, which took off downstream, slipped the hook. I'm not convinced it was a barbel as it didn't have the speed so suspected a chub. I continued with the worm on the feeder rod and eventually I hooked a better Perch. At about 6.30, the baitrunner finally started to give line. At last a barbel was hooked. It was a typical middle Severn fish that gave its all in the battle providing several blistering runs. It was a relief to finally have my hands on a barbel after an
August drought. I hoped it would be the first of a few fish but it was a false dawn. The session neared its conclusion as the clock approached 8pm. I picked up the rod, removed the rest and as I turned the handle a fish was hooked. Talk about cutting it fine. Another barbel was on and another spirited battle ensued. I squeezed in an additional last cast but that was that. Nothing big but great to find some fish.
In the nick of time
If you enjoy fishing the Severn then my guide my be helpful. Take a look here. I also have a Warwickshire Avon, which has proved popular over the last couple of seasons and is the most visited page on the site. That can be viewed by clicking here. As always, comments are most welcomed as are visits to my Facebook page which can be viewed by clicking the Facebook tab on the right side of the page.

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