An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Sunday, 14 June 2015

The wait is almost over

Only a few days remain before the most revered dates in the calendar, June 16th. This date marks the opening of the river season. Of course there was a time when coarse angling of all kinds had to wait patiently for this date but now only the rivers are bound by an enforced closure. Although there are many debates about the validity of a close season, I personally think it should remain. Yes, I might be a sentimental fool but I think it's a tradition worth keeping. Modern ways are all too eager to cast aside what has been in favour of new and better ways, but more often there are based on purely selfish or commercial reasons.

As for my opening day, work will obviously intervene. However, it won't keep me away. A few hours after work will see me plying my trade on the Warwickshire Avon. Typically, the anticipation and excitement of the season's opener fails to live up to expectation. I liken it to Christmas Eve, full of hope and expectation only to wake the next morning to a pair of socks. That said, angling is always a journey into the unknown. You are just one bite away from the fish you have yearned for and it's that yearning that keeps the hallowed June 16th a special date to the nation's river anglers.

I'm back on the barbel trail. Aside from a concerted effort on the Lower Severn in October, barbel didn't really feature on my agenda last year. I have a few changes  to my rigs and feeding habits to trial this season so we'll see if they impact on my catches. As for challenges, doubles are always welcome and no doubt a few will make an appearance. Perhaps I could target a barbel during every calendar month of the river season. I came close a few years ago but invariably weather and river conditions put this challenge in the lap of the gods. I'd also love to rediscover a Teme barbel and a big river perch. Big perch seem ten a penny these days but these fish are nearly always stillwater fish. A river perch for me would seem extra special.

So all that remains is to make my final preparations and hope for a bit of good fortune. All the best wherever you're fishing.

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