An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Slow start but blank saved

The title says it all. After all the preparation and excitement the Warwickshire Avon failed to deliver. There had been a couple of small chub reported when I arrived at about 6pm but I was still confident that the last few hours might throw up a better fish. Despite fishing two rods, only a few sharp taps signalled the presence of fish. As light faded, I switched to meat and finally a positive indication hooked a chub approaching 2lb. Although the chub continued to crash on the surface after sunset, nothing else put in appearance and by 10.45 I was heading for home.
The first of many, I hope

Even though a barbel or better chub failed to show it was still great to be back on the river. The opening weeks are often slow as the fish adjust themselves to the influx of a new food source. In fact, I managed to hook a ball of tangled line from the riverbed and on closer inspection it was crawling with invertebrates. With so much natural food present in the river then it's no surprise that they're not queuing up to take a bait.  Anyway, onwards and upwards as I plot my next session for the weekend.

Let me know how your opening session went, hopefully it was more eventful than mine.

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