An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Carp off the top

This spring has seen a distinct lack of fishing trips but the recent sunny weather afforded me the opportunity to fish for carp using my favourite method: surface fishing.

A trip to a local stillwater saw me settle in a quiet corner that is rarely fished yet always has a few fish present. It always amazes me how many anglers choose their swim by proximity to their car rather than where the fish are. I was in no rush to set up so started feeding dog biscuits. It wasn't long before a few fish started showing interest. By the time I had set up I had a number of confidently
The 11 pounder
feeding carp in front of me. I cast out using an imitation biscuit with nothing else on the line. The weight of the biscuit was enough to get me a couple of rod lengths out and I had no need to go any further. It was no surprise that a fish was hooked soon after and after a spirited battle on a 1.25lb Avon rod, a common carp of around 9lb was banked. This of course sent the other fish to cover and I spent the next half hour feeding to regain their confidence. The next fish arrived in the shape of another common at 11lb 7oz. As the sun set, the fish became more confident and a good fish was hooked that shot for the nearside cover. On this occasion, the fish won its freedom but it wasn't long before I found myself connected to what turned out to be the best fish of the session. The fish rarely displayed any rapid runs but instead stayed stubbornly low. A fat common came to the net and troubled the scales at 16lb 7oz.
The best fish of the session
Two more fish came to the net at around 7lb and 4lb respectively but their splashing about killed the swim and at just gone 9pm I wasn't going to hang around for another one. An enjoyable three hours in the sunshine!

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