An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A week of fishing

The last few weeks have been a quiet affair as far as fishing goes. But with a week off I was able to get out and about and do a bit of catching up.

First up was a friendly social gathering on the lower Severn. It was a very unstructured match complete with a half time. However, with the low conditions, a daylight session was always going to prove tough and so it was with only a few pound winning. For the record, I managed a few roach to avoid a blank.

Can you see the pike?
A couple of days later an equally difficult session ensured on the Warks Avon. I was on the river at around 7.30am with pike the target and I was confident. Deadbaits would be the prime attack but my optimism faded as the hours passed by and each likely looking spot failed to respond. With lunch time approaching I decided my next swim would be the last. Finally, the float decided to tremble and then inch its way across towards the near bank. The strike hit a lively fish but it was to be no monster at around 6lb. My son had turned up by now and wanted a photo but  the fish decided not to play ball and somersaulted itself back to its watery sanctuary. I did attempt a photo as it lay stationary in the margins but you'll do well to spot its camouflaged profile against the river bed.

Next up was a return to the middle Severn. Perch were to be my target on this occasion. I had seen some good fish attacking the fry during the summer and I had vowed to give them a crack on my return. I set up a worm rod and fed maggots to attract the smaller fish and the perch's attention. I did fish a float to see what would turn up but the result was mostly minnows although a few dace, roach and chublets turned up. I lost a pike to a bite off and did manage a small perch. As dusk approached, I did land a better perch but it was not the specimen I had seen before at just over a pound or so.

A short evening session back on the Avon saw me trying to take advantage of the mild conditions. A 3lb chub on the first cast was a great start. I then lost a barbel at the net which soon restored the balance. I did finally land a barbel of around 7lb or so before the action slowed to a complete standstill.
A chunky Avon barbel

My final session of the week saw me and my brother in law take to the banks. He wanted plenty of bites so we decided on a pool that would provide plenty of carp action but also gave me a chance of a decent perch. The sport was pretty frantic as the carp were in ravenous mood. We also landed some nicely sized roach and tench. The problem with the perch fishing was having a bait that would not be hoovered up by the carp. Fortunately, live baits are allowed. Unfortunately, catching roach of the right size was nigh on impossible. Eventually, we caught a fish that could be used as bait and it duly delivered in the shape of a 2lb 12oz perch which would turn out to be my most memorable fish of the week. I also lost another soon after but with the absence of any more roach I was unable to tempt another on prawn or worm.
The best fish of the week

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