An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Friday, 17 June 2016

We're up and running

After weeks of dry weather, the river season started with many of the country's rivers in flood. I had always targeted a few hours on the Warks Avon and luckily it doesn't react as quickly as the Severn does to extra water. So when I arrived at about 7pm on the opening day it was only carrying about 18" more than usual.

The first fish of the 2016 season
I put a few droppers of hemp and pellet on the crease of my chosen area, which was just over a rod length out. Predictably, a big chunk of Spam was cast into the murky water. There were a few chub raps early on but nothing materialised. After a while, I decided to get the second rod out. This was baited with a boilie and positioned upstream with a stringer to provide a few loose offerings. It wasn't long before the rod started nodding away and the first fish of the season was on. It was obviously a chub and a decent one too that was determined to make for the nearside cover. It was soon netted and a fish approaching 4lb was revealed. In the next 15 minutes, another two made their way to the bank. The second was smaller at around 2lb with the next fish similar to my first.

Another chunky chub
With the river continuing to rise throughout the evening, the heavens opened again and another heavy downpour began. I had hoped an opening day barbel might have graced me with its presence but it wasn't to be. Even the chub disappeared so as 10pm came and went I packed up reasonably pleased with my efforts.

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