An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Monday, 22 February 2016

Back for Perch

I can't deny it's been a tough few weeks. A couple of river blanks and some failed perch expeditions meant it had been a lean month or so. I was still looking to up my Perch PB so I was back on a small stillwater that holds some fish to over 3lb. .

A nice looking mirror
The weather had become mild after a cold week so I hoped the fish would be obliging mood. First task was to catch some live baits so a few sections of the pole and maggots were employed. The float soon shot under but instead of a small roach the elastic told me that I had connected with a carp. On relatively light gear I had no option but to take my time to eventually net a chunky mirror of around 7lb. The next hour was a little frustrating in so much that all the roach were too big for perch. One roach went 1lb 2oz which was a most welcome capture. Roach always look resplendent in the cold months when they take on their winter colours. Their flanks glistened blue in the low watery sunshine. After an hour or more I finally landed a roach of the intended size. This was
This roach went over a pound
attached to a paternosted float set up and cast not far from the feeding zone. The afternoon followed a similar pattern. The roach kept coming but the perch tackle remained unmolested. By now I had also set up a ledgered live bait which I had cast a little further out towards the middle of the pool. There was a tentative run that failed to materialise so I plugged away waiting for a feeding spell. Perch tend to feed in short spells but it's possible to catch several in a short space of time if they are really feeding positively. Another angler managed a nice perch of just under 3lb to keep me feeling optimistic. As late afternoon approach a peg was vacated by a carp angler and this gave me the opportunity to put a bait near some overhanging willow branches. I would have happily chosen this area on arrival had it been available. The cast was spot on as the ledgered roach landed just shy of the overhanging cover. Five minutes later and the alarm started to bleep as line was being taken in earnest. I felt the line to check the run was still positive and my strike was met with solid resistance as a perch was hooked. I could tell it was a low 2 pounder as it lay in the net and the scales confirmed 2lb 2oz meaning my modest PB had crept up by an ounce. It's been my first winter focussing on perch so to have managed several two pounders in the half dozen or so visits is a pretty satisfying outcome. I might manage one more visit for the magical three pounder before my attentions turn to spring and different species.
Target achieved


  1. Nice one Lee, nothing like seeing a good Perch surface is there.