An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Friday, 9 October 2015

Lower Severn Barbel: Short Session Success

Sunday saw the moon and stars align to finally give me an opportunity to get back to the water's edge. I arrived on a stretch of the lower Severn and made my first cast at about 4.30pm. A boilie was presented with a PVA bag of mixed offerings midriver. My other rod was a float fished dead roach aimed at the sizeable population of Zander.

A nice way to start the session
With the clear water conditions showing no signs of abating it was always going to be a struggle especially in the fine late afternoon sunshine, which at least made for a pleasant evening. Unsurprisingly, the zander were not keen to feed in such weather. But as the sun began to drop, my boilie rod suddenly sprang into life. I was into a barbel. Nothing huge but always welcome. The fish was somewhere approaching 7lb and was safely returned. Another PVA bag was attached and my bait was cast back to the midriver spot. I decided to abandon the zander plan in favour of a second barbel rod. Whilst I realised the fading light would improve my zander chances, I has no desire to be unhooking a toothy predator in darkness. However,
8lb exactly
before I could dismantle the rod another barbel had picked up the boilie bait. This fish was a  much more livelier customer that had my clutch screaming on several occasions. After one more final bid for freedom, I managed to slide the net under a barbel that turned out to be perfectly formed 8lb specimen. With darkness still yet to arrive, I was hopeful of a bumper session. As it turned out, the barbel disappeared as quickly as the light and only a chub of about 3lb and a skimmer bream troubled the scorers thereafter. I was packed away and back in my car just after 8.30 feeling pretty pleased with my efforts after what turned out to be a successful short session.

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