An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Carp: So near yet so far

Another sunny spell saw me again seeking surface feeding carp. I attempted to set myself a challenge. After four fish around 6-7lb last week, I attempted to search out a larger specimen.

Upon arrival, I was greeted with the sight of about two dozen carp basking in the warm evening sunshine. I didn't arrive until 5.45pm so I was aware I had to get fish feeding quickly to see a return. The basking fish had no real interest in feeding and were almost statuesque. A few chased each other, maybe suggesting spawning may not be too far away if this weather persists. Rather than flog a dead horse, I stationed myself in a quiet corner of the lake where my loose fed dog biscuits were noticed almost immediately. Furthermore, some of the fish looked significantly bigger than the ones I caught last week. A slight breeze had blown the baits to the next swim and it was here a decent fish was lying in wait. I moved positions and put my bait in just the right place. Minutes later, a carp surfaced engulfing the bait. The line snaked away at speed as the fish raced off towards the middle of the lake. It was a very good fish but it found its freedom all too easily when my line snapped. I have to say I was surprised this happened as my drag had been set correctly and I was using 10lb line. It was pretty disappointing as it was definitely the stamp of fish I had targetted from the outset. It was only when setting back up that I realised the problem. A twist in the reel line had caused a knot on the spool. It was obvious that the fish had run until it hit the twist and under the pressure it had snapped. It was enormously frustrating yet it was such a freakish event, the type that only seem to happen when you least need it. The loss was also compounded by the fact the fish were spooked. I did manage to land two carp, both commons with one around 7lb and the other going a bit bigger. Perhaps I'll be rewarded next time?

The session opener after the disappointing loss
This fish was tempted close in 

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