An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Lure Fishing: A stab in the dark

With the rivers up and coloured, you could be forgiven for thinking barbel would be the top quarry at the moment. However, I was not convinced the temperatures were conducive to good sport and this was reinforced by my recent addiction to all things predatory.

So although conditions were hopelessly stacked against me, I decided to lure fish on a very brown looking backwater to the Warwickshire Avon. Visibility was just under a foot meaning the lures wouldn't been seen all too easily. Therefore, vibration was the key. I started with a 4" shad and swapped to a Colorado style spinnerbait all aimed at prompting a take through vibration as they
The twin spinners add plenty of vibration
tripped the bottom. Although I changed to another lure, nothing could be tempted to bite so it called for a change of tactics. Out came the drop shotting rod and a selection of 8cm lures were tried in various spots.

All around me, the water was alive with roach topping. It was alive with prey fish so there simply had to be predators in waiting but were the conditions just too poor for a take on a lure? I worked my way around the bank and with time running out of my short 90 minute session, a blank was beginning to look the likely outcome.

One final change was made. On to the drop shot hook went a 5cm white imitation fish. It was dropped close to the near bank. In a matter of seconds there was a firm thump which was met with my strike. The rod bent over and I actually thought I'd become snagged when a decent looking perch emerged from the cloudy water looking less than impressed. A photo and quick weigh showed a solid looking 1lb 8oz fish. With light fading fast, I tried for another 5-10 minutes but to no avail. I couldn't be disappointed as catching any sort of predator on a lure in such murky conditions seemed to be a reasonable achievement so I left pretty satisfied.

This perch saved the day

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