An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Lower Severn: Getting Better

After last Sunday's session, which produced a lovely Barbel that just fell short of the magical 10lb figure, I was again on the lower Severn looking for more of the same. With the extra rain this week and two days of unseasonably mild weather, I arrived on the bank with high hopes. Conditions were textbook. Temperatures had been as high as 17°C throughout the day and the river itself had risen from last week to just over 12°C. With it carrying some extra water and colour I couldn't have asked for better conditions.

Both baits were in place at 6pm with meat on the downstream rod and a boilie on the upstream one. The only modification I made from my previous sessions was to use a small open end feeder on the downstream rod packed with scalded pellets. The idea was that with conditions seemingly perfect, it would give off an attractive scent trail and draw some fish to my waiting bait.

A nice lower Severn double
As dusk approached both rods showed some signs that fish were present and a Barbel porpoised right in front of me. However, nothing happened until about 8pm when out of the blue the downstream rod twitched before the tip wrapped round violently. Unlike the fish from the previous session, this fish set off on a blistering run. I then managed to draw it upriver and get the fish below the rod tip. It then burst into life again with more surging runs, one of which almost ripped the rod from my grasp such was its power. The fish was in superb condition with the scales showing 10lb 5oz.

Another bite about a hour later saw me connected to another good fish but disaster struck as I suffered a break. It was frustrating since it's such a rare occurrence but I guess fishing in the dark means weaknesses are harder to spot. By now it was pouring down and I started to think about my exit from the fishery. With the banks starting to get waterlogged and the track out undoubtedly following suit, I did the right thing in escaping whist I could at about 10pm. I have no doubts that more fish would have come my way as they were feeding but sometimes you have to be sensible. Conditions are fantastic at the moment after months of low clear water so get out if you can and make the most of it.

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  1. That Barbel Lee is in mint condition, stunning fish and a double too! Well in, the Warks Avon is a fantastic looking place, got to plan another trip up at some point. J

  2. This one was from the lower Severn James but you're right, the Avon is also a fantastic river. I live near the Avon but am currently having a change by fishing the Severn. There's some great fishing in these parts so make a trip.