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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Putting in the hard yards

Next Saturday sees me participating in the Wychavon Parish Games on the Avon at Evesham. I have to admit that I haven't fished a match since the 1990s and the reason for that is that it is everything that I'm not when it comes to fishing. However, I'll be representing my village next week so with that in mind I had a few hours on the Warks Avon today in an attempt to reacquaint myself with a few different styles. With the river running low and clear I expected sport to be slow but the next few hours proved to be very frustrating. Bites weren't difficult to get but they were occurring as soon as the bait hit the surface and the culprits were small Dace. As a result, they were lightening quick, difficult to hit and led to me missing more than I hit. Even heavy baiting couldn't see them off so I just had to plough on.
Typical of the size caught

The fish were tiny - averaging three to the ounce. A fish of a couple of ounces was a bonus fish. I ended with 47 fish for 1lb which meant a lot of effort for very little return. I also have to admit to not actually enjoying it all that much. Hopefully, next week's match will be a bit more profitable and I can then return to normality.
This swan managed to divert my attention


  1. Very frustrating catching tiddlers like that. I'm looking forward to a bit of rain to give the river Frome a bit of pace and colour.

  2. Indeed, needs a good flush to get things going.

  3. See you at the Parish Games Lee, will be fishing for Bretforton, you having a breakfast at 'the Ferry' first??

  4. Let battle commence, ha ha. Don't think it will be easy but has to be better than the above. I'll drop you an email during the week as I've not visited before so you can let me know what the setup is.

  5. Perfect perch and z baits there Lee. Good luck in the match I'm sure you'll walk it.

    Mother hen

  6. Not sure about that Mr B. Might have to wait for the following week for that :)