An angler's journal

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Making fishing a family affair

Although my son is only a little one, his enthusiasm for fishing is great to see. With a couple of hours spare, I decided we would have a little bash on the local stretch of the Avon. I rigged up a cane with a cardboard fish attached to a piece of string, which was all he needed to replicate his daddy.
My fishing was obviously not a serious affair with me ledgering a boilie bait in a river carrying a bit of colour and some extra water following the wet bank holiday. It was pretty slow to be honest and a move was called for but a combination of sheep, stones and Pooh sticks kept us entertained. With nothing to report I started to pack away with my next job being to reel in. As I turned, a fish obligingly took the bait. The result was a Bream of around 4 ½lb. This caused a lot of excitement for my son which in turn now has him playing fishing every bath time. Hopefully, this has secured a helper for when I'm old and decrepit and need a hand to go fishing.


  1. Crikey, chip off the old block you have there Lee! He nearly beat you too! Keep his enthusiasm going and you will have a fishing buddy for life.

  2. Cheers Joe. Another 10 seconds and I'd have reeled in and left empty handed so it was good timing to provide a bit of interest.

  3. Bit bad though when you've got Isaac guiding you !
    Well done on the trip mate, we'll get him a little Z next time he's down with us, that should keep him occupied for a while :-)

    Mother hen