An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A season's end

The final week of the river season has been and gone. The highlight of my final week came on the Warks Avon. I had managed to get away from work early and made my first cast with the warm spring like sunshine making for a pleasant end to an otherwise cloudy day. There had been some recent barbel catches from the river to give me optimism but the conditions looked spot on for chub.

I tackled up with two rods, one baited with meat, the other with fishmeal paste. After about a hour the paste rod trembled telling me that some fish were finally present in the swim. A minute or so later, the meat rod pulled round and a decent fish was on. It soon became clear that the fish was more than likely a chub but it fought well despite the heavy tackle geared for the high river conditions we have been experiencing. The landing net then revealed a cracking looking chub that had been feeding very well judging by the size of its gut. I was convinced I had a 5 pounder and even thought my PB of 5lb 2oz could be under threat. You can imagine my amazement and slight disappointment when the scales registered 4lb 14oz. Although there was a feeling of frustration I couldn't be too disheartened as it was a super fish.
Not quite the 5 pounder I had hoped for

As the sun set and light started to give way to night I sat content. A tawny owl hooted downstream. I watched as a pair of foxes made their way along the far bank to commence their hunt, no doubt with young mouths to feed. It truly is a magical time to be outdoors in our countryside and I never tire of being on the bankside at this time of day regardless of the season. You could be fooled into thinking I'm building up to a rod wrenching barbel to finish off my final trip to the Avon. Unfortunately, no more bites followed the chub.

I went on to finish the season with a lower Severn blank so there's little point in elaborating on that too much. So, another river season has flown by and attentions can now turn to the garden and the increasing number of DIY jobs that I have yet to complete. With a bit of luck I will manage some tench and possibly a little surface carp fishing once the water warms up a bit.

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