An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Monday, 30 December 2013

End of another year

This time tomorrow I will be revelling with friends as another year comes to a close. Today however, I managed one last trip to a deserted Warks Avon. It had rained all morning so I didn't rush to the river, finally making a cast just before 1pm. The Avon was about 2ft up with visibility less than a 30cm. Chub were to be my main focus. I had toyed with smelly deadbaits for pike in the slacks but decided I would leave that for the weekend. I didn't really fancy a barbel but I did have a second rod with meat that unsurprisingly failed to catch.

My mobile approach finally found some chub and I was soon into a fish on the trusty cheesepaste. Unfortunately, I played it like a buffoon and the hook pulled resulting in the odd expletive. I was confident the fish were still there so I fished on and sure enough a couple of tentative plucks turned into a positive pull. There were no mistakes this time and decent chub was netted. Winter fish always look stunning and this was no exception.
A winter chub
It all went quiet so I moved on but that was the end of the sport even though I returned to the productive swim.

So that was that for 2013. As far as barbel have been concerned it's been a disappointing year on the stretches I frequent with just the one double this season and that warm June evening seems a long time ago. However, the tough conditions meant new methods and I found success with rolling meat during the summer to keep things ticking over when all else failed. Other highlights were a PB carp caught off the surface in spring and my first zander from the lower Severn, which in turn sparked a long overdue interest in predators.

Hopefully, 2014 will bring more to cheer so on that note I hope that you have a good New Year's Eve and an even better year. All the best.


  1. So true about the difficult fishing this last nine months, up to the Close season everything was normal but since the season started again it's been a real struggle for some reason. Strange how fish were still being caught spawn bound up to the start of December.

    Have a good New Year mate and see you soon

    Mother Hen

  2. Nice chub Lee, just wish the rivers would settle as I want to run a stick float on the avon.

  3. Indeed Coops, any chance of a river pike seem pretty slim at the moment too. No sign of it getting back to normal either.

  4. Yes mate it's abysmal! Even the good flood water pegs are to flooded.