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Saturday, 30 November 2013

In search of predators

It was a lovely, sunny afternoon so I decided to fish a new stretch of the Warks Avon that gave me access to a back water. The plan was to fish for predators. I wasn't bothered which one of pike, perch or zander played ball so long as it resulted in some action

The bright conditions and clear water weren't the best fishing conditions and a keen wind cancelled out any warmth from the autumnal sun. However, I was determined to catch something so I cast out a ledgered deadbait which allowed me to concentrate on fishing a variety of lures to see what lurked below. Almost immediately I saw a perch in the clear water follow the small spoon bait although I could not tempt a take. After twenty minutes, I cast into the main river itself near the entrance to the back water and the response was instant. It was only small, but a perch had
Small but perfectly formed
succumb to the spoon and was swiftly returned. Next cast saw half a dozen perch eagerly chasing the lure before one took the bait. I then spent the next couple of hours casting into various spots to end up with six perch in total. None of them were huge but it was an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. It was a pleasure to see the perch chasing the lure and watching them nip at the tail before taking the lure properly. I did see some fish around the pound mark take interest and I do hope that in better light conditions I might be able to tempt a larger specimen and perhaps something over 2lb. I will return.


  1. Gorgeous perch lovely markings Lee.


  2. Cheers Coops, they looked fantastic in the sunshine.

  3. Brilliant fishing. Must get my lure fishing kit out.

  4. Nice fish Lee, would've been better on a bobber n worm though :-)

  5. Thanks for the replies. Worm is certainly a plan for my next visit now I know there's plenty of perch about.