An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Q & A with Martin Bowler

My second interview is with big fish specialist, Martin Bowler. Not only is he famous for some impressive catches but with success in the angling media he is one of the biggest names in angling at the moment. Amongst other things, Martin tells us his most successful moments in angling and where he thinks the sport is heading in the future. 

1) Who do you consider the best angler you have ever had the pleasure to fish with and why?

John Wilson, the great all-rounder

There are two that stand out - John Wilson as an all-rounder capable of tempting game, sea and coarse fish plus Terry Hearn who lives and breathes angling and is the best I've met in the modern era.

2) You’re very fortunate to be paid for something you love doing and I’m sure most anglers would love to be in your position. However, when did your big break arrive?

I think a common misconception is that I get paid to go fishing when what I get paid for is to service the media with articles and films portraying our sport. That said, I wouldn't swap my job for anything. I guess my two big breaks were writing for Angling Times on a weekly basis 10 years ago and working with Hugh Miles on Catching the Impossible.

3) If you had only one day left on Earth, where would you go fishing?

I wouldn't go simply because I've been blessed to have fished more than most people do in 10 lifetimes so I would spend my final day with my wife instead!

4) You have enjoyed great success both on and off the bank, what do you consider to be your proudest moment to date?

On the bank, I guess catching two British records, which were my 4lb 9oz crucian in 2003 and my 16lb
The record crucian
12oz barbel, from the Great Ouse in 1999, have to rank highly. With regards to my media success then creating the series Catching The Impossible and in particular the 5lbs 4oz perch I managed to land. For any of you that haven't seen or read Catching the Impossible, I fished the Great Ouse on a mild day with river season's end fast approaching. A pole fished worm, tipped with a red maggot was the winning formula. When she hit the surface, I was greeted by a series of black stripes and a huge blood-red tail. It was the sort of monster that I will never tire of looking at until my dying day. Finally, in a political sense I met with the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to discuss the future of angling, which as far as I know is the highest profile meeting the sport has had.

5) What does the remainder of 2013 have in store for you?

A lot I hope! From a big tench to a giant conger - I love following the seasons and adjusting the species to suit so this spring will see me on the Wye for salmon as well as some tench and carp fishing.

6) How do you see the state of UK angling changing in the next decade?

I'm afraid it is only going to be a downward spiral so people should grab every moment to enjoy what they have. There is just too much pressure, be it man made or predation on our waterways at present and I see no hope of change.
Martin met the Prime Minister to raise the major issues
Thanks to Martin for taking the time to respond to my questions and for allowing me to use some extracts from his book: Catching the Impossible. I think his final response with regard to where our sport is heading is pretty damming. Of course, I hope he is wrong but it I do feel that angling needs to use its huge following proactively to gain a bigger audience at the very top so that the main issues can be tackled before it is too late. Don’t forget to join my site and to contribute to my posts. Thanks.

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