An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Friday, 12 April 2013

Taking the biscuit

Friday saw me set foot on the bank for the first time since the river season closed. I have to be honest when I say I needed the break following my post-Christmas run. So with some respite and a trip to Dubai to warm the cockles I set off for a local pool.

Some of the roach were nicely sized
My plan was to float fish with maggots for whatever turned up while a carp rod would deposit a bait close to the island in front of me. Unsurprisingly, the maggot setup attracted lots of attention and saw me build up a steady stream of roach and perch. Some of roach were reasonably sized and provided good sport on light tackle.

I had been aware of carp activity near the island since my arrival and this obviously had a bearing on my swim choice. However, what came as a surprise was the fact they were up on the surface despite the lack of warm weather we have experienced this spring. Experience has taught me to always take dog biscuits with me when carp fishing as I find surface tactics for carp one of the most enthralling ways to catch a fish. Although the carp showed interest, catching them proved to be more difficult than I had first imagined. This was further compounded by the indifferent weather, which seemed determined to wreck my plans. Almost as soon as the carp were feeding the heavens would open and make spotting my bait difficult or send the fish back down towards the bottom. I switched back to my float tactics but despite continuing to feed this area throughout the rain seemed to kill sport and bites were very hard to come by.

At last, this carp finally took the biscuit
The afternoon wore on and with it my window of opportunity decreased, especially since I had to be home by 6pm. It was during the final heavy downpour that I decided to pack everything away except my carp gear. I was determined not to go home empty handed and when the shower cleared I once again tempted half a dozen carp to the surface. Finally a carp approached my bait but with the pressure on I struck too early and my chance was gone. With time almost up I had one last cast. A minute or so later saw a dark shape approaching my imitation biscuit and this time its lips closed around the bait and I was into a carp. The fish put up a spirited battle but was eventually beaten. At 7 ¼lb it was hardly a monster but it had not been easy to catch and to take a fish from the surface in unfriendly conditions was pleasing. Hopefully we will some rising temperatures and tempt something bigger.  

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  1. Nice fish, looks bigger than 7 1/2. Have you tried zig rigs? Fish a floating bait up in the water off the bottom, you can adjust it so its floats a few inches below the surface, perfect when you can see the carp up in the water but they aren't talking bits off the top.

  2. Cheers John, I too hoped it would weigh a bit more but pleasing none the less. I actually did try a zig rig but I admit to being no expert in that field so I will need to investigate further.