An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Sunday, 27 January 2013

A trip into the unknown

With the rivers full of snow melt water I decided that this week’s fishing fix would have to be found elsewhere. I only had a few hours spare this weekend so decided on a trip to the Birmingham-Worcester Canal. With that decision made, my next dilemma was what to target. My options consisted of either pole fishing pinkies for small fish with perhaps a bonus or be a pioneer.

Of course, I went for the most difficult option and decided to go predator hunting armed with a lure rod and a deadbait set up. Now, the reason I call this a pioneering trip is because I've never caught a Pike from this canal, or indeed even heard of one being caught on the Birmingham-Worcester. I have no reason to disbelieve their existence since they manage to inhabit most waters and the canal joins the Severn meaning a population could form easily enough. I've also caught plenty of small Perch in the past and I guess they have plenty of small prey fish to grow fat on so there could be some specimen Perch present too. I left knowing the odds were stacked heavily against me and my heart sank upon arrival at my chosen stretch as I was greeted by a cocoa coloured canal, hardly the best conditions for predators. Unperturbed, I decided to give it a bash. The boat yard, which was the main reason I had chosen this stretch, was crammed with barges making fishing impossible so I walked on. I did find a turning bay and gave this a go but it resulted in no action. After trying another area I decided I was wasting my time on this stretch and with time a premium I decided to pack the car and drive a mile or so to another stretch of the canal.

My spirits were briefly lifted as the water was a much friendlier colour. Again I stayed mobile, mostly concentrating with the lure approach. I hadn't fished a canal for about a year and a game of ‘Dodge the dog poo’ kept me on my toes as I experienced a fruitless couple of hours. A sharp shower started and with that I decided to call it quits. I hadn't had a run, hit or even a follow. I have no idea whether the target fish were even present so if anyone reading can shed any light on it I’d really appreciate that. So although I blanked, I didn't feel too despondent. After all, you don’t catch sitting in your living room and the bigger the risk, the bigger the rewards. That said, perhaps I'll be reaching for the pinkies next time.


  1. Hi lee, cracking blog, which I've now joined.

    1. Cheers Jimmy, I've just added your site too. All the best.