An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Latest Trip = Same Result

It seemed like ages since I'd been out fishing what with the floods and other commitments so I was itching to wet a line once again. I had Chub and Pike on my mind all week but a cold blast of rain on Thursday evening not only brought the levels up but also coloured the water and brought temperatures down. Eventually, I decided to fish a tributary of the Severn, the River Salwarpe. My reasoning was that it's reputed to hold fish when the main river is up and surely a Pike would follow?

The Salwarpe, a canal or river?
 However, upon arrival I was left a little disappointed. I found the Salwarpe barely moving and quite coloured. I figured that no Chub of the stamp I was looking for would be in what a resembled a canal so decided to float fish a deadbait for Pike using the slight flow and the keen breeze to drift the bait around my chosen swims. A temperature check showed the water was a fresh 3-4°C. I persevered for about 90 minutes in severel spots. By now I had little confidence given the colour which gave a little over a foot of visibility.

A high, cold & coloured Severn did little to inspire
I then decided that the only chance I had was to try and winkle out a Chub. I walked down to the confluence with the Severn and tried a couple of slack spots, fishing cheese paste on the crease. Needless to say my quiver tip remained motionless and with it another blank was registered.

I felt a bit disappointed once again as I walked back to the car but conditions were pretty bad and I had feared the worst on arrival. A quick detour from the beaten track to acquire some mistletoe at least gave me a little Christmas cheer. With another cold week ahead fishing certainly won't be getting easier but with little rain forecast at least the colour might drop out and a fish or three might grace the net next week.

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