An angler's journal

An angler's journal

Monday, 29 October 2012

Will the BAA join the 21st Century?

Firstly, I'd like the say that the Birmingham Anglers Association represents the best value in the country with miles of rivers and canals as wells as a range of pools all for the sum of £35. However, despite boasting 70,000 members during the 1970s and 1980s their current membership is just a fraction of that. Unfortunately, the club is still run in a similar fashion and by the same people it was 20 years ago and as such it is failing some of its members through a lack of flexibility in keeping with modern angling practises.

I have had discussions with the club secretary about relaxing the rules on night fishing on rivers. We all know that Barbel fishing is one of the fastest growing areas in the sport and that it makes up a pretty large proportion of the fishing taking place on the BAA's rivers. In addition to this, it is well known that Barbel are most often caught (especially larger ones) around dusk and into darkness.

Whilst I am willing to accept that the club do not want to lift the ban entirely, I did propose a compromise in the way of an extension to their current 'one hour after sunset' rule with the idea of fishing until 11.30pm during BST and 8.30pm during BWT. Despite drafting a detailed report and sending it together with a covering letter to three members of the committee, and following it up with two emails chasing a response, I am yet to receive any sort of reply. Obviously, I find this a little disappointing since I did put in a fair amount of effort writing the aforementioned report and because it's just common courtesy to reply. All I wanted was for the BAA to enter a meaningful debate but I guess this episode is just further proof of their 'ostrich' approach to running the club. Indeed, I note that the AGM is approaching and a look at the agenda makes you wonder why they bother for all they seem to be doing is voting their mates back in and having a jolly. It's a shame that this once proud club is declining but they're just oblivious to see it and branch out.


  1. Some progress as I've just received notification that my thoughts are being put to the committee. I won't hold my breath mind.

  2. Lee, keep at it, I had the same struggles with a similar club further North, it took a few years but we now have extended hours.

    Can you get hold of the BAA rules? The club book was only a 2 page slip last time I joined (2011). There should be a way of proposing rule changes via the AGM.

    Dan B

  3. Cheers Dan, unfortunately I don't think the committee is made up of a broader enough bunch of chaps for them to consider other methods or disciplines. Any changes will be batted away, I'm sure.

    1. I was in the same boat Lee, century old club with a match fishing heritage, but match fishing is declining (or is for club members). I actually used the carp lads to my advantage, lots of passion there and I scratched their back so to speak by getting up at an AGM and changing a rule that benefitted them, next year they all turned up and supporrted me!! The club in question required a 2/3's majority in any vote for it to be carried forward. The comimittee of 30 odd was made up of over 20 matchmen types, so AGM time it was easy for the committee to quash any motions they didn't like, as AGM turn out was horrendous!! 2000 plus members and 30 turn up to the AGM!! Apathy by anglers is the biggest battle you will facce in changing the rules